Machines for laser marking and cutting of thermoformed, ABS and composite materials

The OT-LAS laser systems include unique machines for laser finishing and cutting of thermoformed, ABS and composite materials. Thermoforming is a technique of hot molding widely used in the realization of industrial molds. Through the laser machine application extremely accurate and neat cutting and finishing are carried out of thermoformed, ABS and composite materials, thus also being suitable for high-profile processing. Compared with the traditional finishing techniques, the laser considerably reduces processing time guaranteeing very-high quality and non-frayed edges. The laser machine efficiency also allows a lower use of power resources, thus considerably reducing the environmental impact of processing. In fact, compared with other cutting systems, it does not use materials that are to be disposed of, as it happens with water-jet for instance.

Our laser machines for thermoformed materials:

Laser Robot RX

RX is a product dedicated to the finishing of plastic, thermoformed, moulded or blown components in plastic and composite materials with three-dimensional cutting.The cut is flawless and without any traces of charring, even on materials such as carpets and the like.

Punti di forza:

  • No mechanical contact with the work piece and then simplifying the loaning
  • Low maintenance, 8 hour per year
  • High execution speed
  • Excellent level of finish of the board, lint-free
  • High cutting speed
  • Equipped with RF laser sources
  • Low operating costs
Product details

Laser cutting unit GTL

GTL is a laser cutting unit equipped with radiofrequency laser source model RF88.

The unit includes the power supply the chiller, the control and focusing cutting head.The emitted average power is 80 Watt, the peak power greater than 250 Watt.

GTL has been design to be set on production lines or integrated in any systems, to satisfy requirements of cutting contouring, trimming, ecc.

Product details

Laser engraving and cutting system TX

Tx is the heart of the engrave/cut principle of Ot-Las.

It consists of a laser source and a galvo scan head, each one with their own control and service devices.

Product details

Laser systems for thermoformed materials, furniture, packaging and automotive sectors

The OT-LAS laser machines for marking and three-dimension cutting of thermoformed, ABS and composite materials can apply to a number of manufacturing sectors. From the automotive field to refrigerating rooms, from furniture to packaging, up to the realization of gadgets, displays and all those fields where the creation of an object entails thermoforming.

The pinpoint precision of our laser systems and the high performance of power and speed considerably optimize times, costs and processing quality. Furthermore, the unique configuration of our machines that involves a robot coupled with a laser source and a fixed or galvanometer cutting head, allows the ideal free motion that is necessary to carry out every kind of opening, engraving or cutting out. That is the reason why the OT-LAS laser machines are perfectly suitable for the cutting and finishing of thermoformed and composite materials of any shape and size.

Maximum processing accuracy with a minimum environmental impact

One of the laser machine advantages is the possibility to carry out original and flawless processing with very low power consumption and low plant costs. High processing speed and extremely reduced manufacturing time give rise to decisive saving of resources. Furthermore, differently from the water-jet, the laser engraving and cutting machines for thermoformed materials do not generate waste materials, thus preventing the production of exceeding waste. Thanks to the laser cutting and engraving systems even costs related to disposal are eliminated, thus featuring amazingly easy changes of the cutting shapes with very low power costs.

The OT-LAS laser machines can lead to:

  • Maximum power efficiency
  • Reduced manufacturing times
  • No waste materials
  • No use of chemical inks

What kinds of thermoformed and composite materials are suitable for laser processing?

The OT-LAS laser machines are suitable for processing of all plastics/eco-plastics, ABS, carbon, foam materials, resins. The typical high accuracy of the cutting and engraving systems make them the ideal solution also for the finishing of internal components of motor-vehicles, fridges and freezers, motorcycle helmets and many other applications.

  • ABS
  • Plastics and eco-plastics
  • Carbon
  • Foam materials
  • Resins

Advantages of the OT-LAS laser machines

Our laser machines for thermoformed and composite materials are designed and developed in-house so as to deliver the best performance. High technology of components along with unique assembly allow extraordinarily versatile processing, that could not be realized by means of other systems. An example is our RX system that, coupled with a robot, offers all the flexibility typical of a 5-axis system.

The extraordinarily free joint of the mechanical arm and the small-sized focusing head bring about the maximum extent of motion during processing to cut the piece in positions that would otherwise be very difficult to access by other systems. The high accuracy of the optical arm organized into 7 mirrors guarantees perfect finishing with no deburring or fraying.

Furthermore, the auto-focus system allows the robot to maintain the right distance between the head and the piece to be treated. Due to proprietary technology, we can offer a number of customized configurations of the laser machines depending on the customers’ needs.

The OT-LAS laser machines feature:

  • Superior performance in terms of power and speed
  • Extraordinary accuracy in processing
  • Wide array of customizations
  • Possible bespoke configurations for both large and small surfaces
  • No risk of material deformation

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