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Customized solutions integrated into the corporate production lines

OT-LAS provides customers with laser machines and services for special applications, to offer them the highest versatility. The proprietary technology, internal design and long-standing experience in the sector allow the company to meet any customers’ needs with specific and customized solutions.

From laser machines designed to be integrated into the corporate production lines to system customization starting from standard machines. A flexible and professional support to obtain maximum performances from your company.

The advantages of laser for special applications

The special flexibility of laser machines allows applying this type of technology to a wide range of production sectors. The OT-LAS laser systems offer innovative solutions to guarantee maximum performance even in special applications, for example, in the creation of automotive components, motorcycle helmets, freezer and refrigerators internal parts, and other special productions.

Thanks to exclusive configurations combined with the laser potential, we made it possible to cut and mark even the most irregular or detailed surfaces. Moreover, we are always available to conceive tailor-made configurations based on the processing needs and the type of production cycle.

Materials suitable for processing with OT-LAS machines

The OT-LAS laser systems are suitable for any kind of material that is used in handcrafting as well as in industrial productions.

The advantages

of OT-LAS laser systems

OT-LAS is not a simple laser system dealer. We design and manufacture in-house each component of our laser machines and we personally take care of their assembly. This allows us to offer our customers our know how and specialized technical skills for a 360° support. Our laser machines make use of innovative systems expressly designed to meet the most particular needs. Moreover, we can offer customized laser machines based on your needs, and systems to be integrated into your production cycle.

Why choosing OT-LAS for special applications?

The advantages of OT-LAS systems for special applications:

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