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Microperforation for sound-proof panels

The use of laser machines finds application also in the acoustic sector thanks to the extreme precision and processing speed. The laser microperforation of materials such as wood, veneered wood and plastics allows obtaining sound-absorbing panels with perfect results. The laser processing stands out for its extreme neatness of edges and for its flexibility.
These are ideal advantages to obtain thousands of holes that are almost imperceptible to the eye but functional to noise absorption. Furthermore, OT-LAS laser machines require a minimum amount of energy for processing, thus allowing a significant saving of costs and resources. For this reason, they also stand out under an environmentally-friendly point of view with a low impact on the environment.

High-profile quality and design

Unlike other microperforation systems, such as punching machines, the laser beam allows obtaining almost invisible microholes, with perfectly smooth and neat edges. This way, microperforation can also be performed on furniture surfaces, to the benefit of functionality without compromising the look and feel.
The flawless result and quality of processing make laser microperforation also ideal for the most elegant and stylish interior design. A unique advantage to customize high-quality coatings, furnishings, and panels with respect for materials and the final result.

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Why choose OT-LAS for the Acoustics sector?

OT-LAS designs and develops in-house all of the machines, using proprietary technology and material excellence only. That results in new-generation laser machines featuring above-average performance and high levels of customization. A very high-definition optical system allows accuracy that could not be possible by means of any other systems. Furthermore, the OT-LAS laser machines are also suitable for processing of large-sized pieces, while guaranteeing high performance and customizable configurations. Here are some advantages we can offer you: 

Advantages of laser systems in the acoustics sector

When it comes to accuracy processing, the laser is an unparalleled technology. Remote processing and control through state-of-the-art software packages allow maintaining very high quality even in cutting and engraving but above all lower-than-a-millimeter micro-holes. The laser machine high performance also optimizes manufacturing time making any realization easier and faster, with no finishing required. That is the reason why laser machines perfectly lend themselves to the acoustics sector in which the component quality is essential for the ideal performance. Due to laser micro-drilling, the realization of wood or veneer sound-absorbing panels acquires precision and speed. In addition, it prevents any material and power waste.

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