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Machines for laser cutting and marking.

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing laser machines specifically devised to meet any production need.

Our systems use a proprietary technology and can process leather, ceramics, technical textiles, wallpaper and other materials such as wood, glass, stones and marbles.

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Our special machines for laser cutting, engraving and marking are specifically designed for the fashion, interior design, footwear, automotive and lighting sectors.

Special applications

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Textiles and fashion

Laser processing in the fashion sector ranges from leather cutting to textile engraving. Find out all laser solutions.

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Footwear and accessories

From the upper cutting to the bottom or heel decoration, up to the functional treatment of interior parts.

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Wall coating and interior design

We decorate, finish and cut any kind of textile and wallpaper through rapid and accurate processing.

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Thermoformed and 3D materials

Thermoforming is a technique for hot molding of plastics of any kind.

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Design, gifts and fancy goods

Precise finishing and edges, endless possibility to create patterns and decorations, reduced processing time.

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Our laser systems are used in most of the manufacturing phases of the motor-vehicle components.

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Lighting sector

Laser systems for micro-drilling that allow perfect light diffusion through LED strips.

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Mass manufacturing of packaging allows considerable saving of time and resources.

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Micro-drilling allows obtaining tiny holes that do not change the visual aspect of panels.

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The best-selling laser systems

Find out the main characteristics and watch the demo videos of the Ot-las best-selling machines.

Laser Machine CX

CX is available in the market of leather, shoe components and other materials decoration as a natural development of the system from which it comes.

Main features:

  • “self-refilling” RF laser source (power up to 850W)
  • optical polar scan head (single useful area up to 1200×1200 mm)
Software:Smart draw, Engraving manager, Smart track, Smart LGP, Smart Trim,
Accessori:Testa di scansione H70, Piano mobile, Conveyor BX e CX, Sistema Rotoli CX, Sistema di visione per BX e CX,
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Macchina laser CX Otlas

Laser Machine BX

BX is a highly flexible machine suitable for all types of decoration and customization, even on small items.

Fully designed and manufactured within the Group, the system combines efficiency and reliability while guaranteeing fast, reliable assistance.

The minimum marking line in proportion to the area varies from 0.2 to 0.6 mm.

Software:Smart draw, Engraving manager,
Accessori:Testa di scansione H70,
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MX Laser Machine

The MX textile laser system is designed to transform any type of fabric from roll to roll on a continuous basis.

Main features:

  • roll height up to 1800 mm
  • possibility to perform any type of captivating drawing
  • high added value of the working
  • management of minimum quantity
  • minimum operating costs
  • no environmental impact
  • can be adapted to big-roll systems
Software:Smart draw, Engraving manager,
Accessori:Testa di scansione H70,
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Macchina laser MX - Otlas

Laser Robot RX

RX is a product dedicated to the finishing of plastic, thermoformed, moulded or blown components in plastic and composite materials with three-dimensional cutting.The cut is flawless and without any traces of charring, even on materials such as carpets and the like.

Punti di forza:

  • No mechanical contact with the work piece and then simplifying the loaning
  • Low maintenance, 8 hour per year
  • High execution speed
  • Excellent level of finish of the board, lint-free
  • High cutting speed
  • Equipped with RF laser sources
  • Low operating costs
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ReJeans is now here!

Find out the new CX-T laser system designed to revolutionize the textile sector.

CX-T is the laser machine suitable for processing of jeans, clothing and furniture textiles while creating significant customizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any textile can be decorated by the CO2 laser. As for synthetic or mixed textile, the laser welds the cut profile thus making it free from fraying whereas in case of natural textile, even if the cut is really clean, the profile is not welded and is accordingly subject to fraying.

As regards marking, there are no limitations for any kind of textile.

For standard roll-to-roll systems, the max width that can be worked is 1800 mm. There are also solutions with higher width such as 2400 mm, 2800 mm or above.
For the standard system the max roll diameter is lower than 50 cm and accordingly, there are no significant limitations concerning the weight. If the machine is equipped with the big rolls system, the max diameter is 120 cm, whereas the max weight is 200 Kg.

Furniture, Wall Coatings, Automotive, Clothing, Technical Textile.

The Ot-las machines and all of its components are
designed and manufactured in-house.

Design within the group is one of our main points of strength, since it allows guaranteeing a higher flexibility in purchase management, in addition to providing customers with the possibility to configure systems according to their needs.


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