Machines for
laser cutting and marking

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+50 laser cutting materials

7 areas of application

Natural Branding: laser marking of fruits and vegetables for sustainable labels

We have been developing machines for laser cutting, marking and decoration

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing laser machines specifically devised to meet any production need.

Our systems use a proprietary technology and can process leather, ceramics, technical textiles, wallpaper and other materials such as wood, glass, stones and marbles.

OT-LAS laser systems that best meet your needs

Our special machines for laser cutting, engraving and marking are specifically designed for the fashion, interior design, footwear, automotive and lighting sectors.

Textiles and fashion

Laser processing in the fashion sector ranges from leather cutting to textile engraving. Find out all laser solutions.

Footwear and accessories

From the upper cutting to the bottom or heel decoration, up to the functional treatment of interior parts.

Design, gifts and fancy goods

Precise finishing and edges, endless possibility to create patterns and decorations, reduced processing time.


Microperforation allows to have imperceptible holes that do not change the visual appearance of the panels.

The best-selling laser systems

Find out the main characteristics and watch the demo videos of the OT-LAS best-selling machines.

OT-LAS Inspire

Infinite laser possibilities for your creations

Learn all about refined laser processing and the infinite possibilities for the interior design, architecture, furniture and handicraft sectors.

ReJeans project

The laser system designed to revolutionize the textile sector

CX-T is the laser machine suitable for processing of jeans, clothing and furniture textiles while creating significant customizations.

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Read our articles and special contents to keep up to date on the latest sector news and find out more on our OT-LAS laser systems.

The OT-LAS machines and all of its components are designed and manufactured in-house

Design within the group is one of our main points of strength, since it allows guaranteeing a higher flexibility in purchase management, in addition to providing customers with the possibility to configure systems according to their needs.

60 days

rapid deliveries even in case of special machines

+75 %

our organization’s growth from 2020

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