All applications of our laser systems

All the advantages involved in the OT-LAS technology

Thanks to our laser machines for processing of materials you can now reduce time and manufacturing costs while guaranteeing flawless quality. Each laser system is carried out so as to deliver the highest performance in terms of power and speed and minimize operating costs. The ultimate functionality and usability of the management software packages make our laser machines increasingly more efficient and intuitive.

Furthermore, the thorough knowledge of each component and of its relevant sectors allow perfectly meeting the customers’ requirements by means of customized configurations. 

The ideal laser machines for your sector

Would you like your company to be more competitive? Our advanced laser cutting, marking and engraving systems are designed to meet your production needs. State-of-the-art software and technologies conceived to increase the efficiency of companies with specialised laser machines for any applications. With a forty-year experience and a continuously-updated know-how, we implement innovative and customizable solutions for all reference sectors.