Laser machine

Laser machine

Revolution in the world of cloth making

Maximum Power

1500 W

Maximum Area

1600×1600 mm

CX-T, the laser cutting and marking system for textiles

The CX-T laser machine can work textiles with a maximum height of 1600 mm, in continuous or stepped mode.
CX-T is the ideal system to process jeans, textile for clothing and finished garments, since it allows creating strong customizations.

CX-T can process the following materials:

Advantages of the CX-T laser machine

The CX-T machine is particularly suitable for the finishing of jeans textile, to replace the traditional methods of bleaching, abrasion, decoration and marking.

The CX-T highlights:

Technical characteristics

Laser cutting and marking on textile stands out for its precision and flexibility. Marking grants special effects such as vintage for Jeans or embossed velvet. Thanks to laser, the textile edge comes out neat and perfectly sealed.

Blade RF333 – 555 – 777 – 888- 1222 – 1555
Rated power (W)350 – 550 – 750 – 850- 1200 – 1500
Electric consumption9 – 10 – 12 – 13 – 22 – 23
Useful marking area (mm)

from 800×800 to 1600×1600 – Rated Spot from 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm

X-axis automatic movementstroke: 1000 mm
Electric Power Supply (VAC)machine: 400 3F+T ±10% – 50 Hz
refrigerator: 400 3F+T ±10% – 50 Hz

Software for CX-T

A graphic and operating software with specific Corel Draw graphic engine for the realization of files and for the entire system functioning. For each work, it is possible to assign geometric parameters, processing parameters and set any drawing repetitions or compositions, in case the system is equipped with automatic table.

A machine management software that can open various formats such as PLT, BMP, etc. Engraving allows setting speed and power parameters, and creating processing lists.

The main sectors CX-T is addressed to

Textile and fashion

Laser machine processing in the fashion sector ranges from leather cutting to textile marking.

Some processing made with CX-T

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