Laser machines

CX XL laser machine
for large-sized working areas

A very high-definition polar optical system

The cutting and marking laser system for large-sized sheets, marble and whole skins

Designed and developed starting from the CX system-related experience, the CX XL laser machine is specifically devised to process large-sized surfaces. Therefore, this machine is used within the market of decoration of large-sized marble slabs, ceramics sheets and whole skins.

Advantages of the CX XL laser machine

The CX XL laser system is built on a very solid mechanical structure that can guarantee its precision over time. Thanks to the CX XL system, processing large-sized sheets is no longer a problem: the maximum useful marking area can range from 1600 x1600 mm to 1600×3600 mm with moving table and can also be customized in its length beyond these sizes.

Our CX XL is equipped with a self-refilling Radio-Frequency laser source (with continuous power up to 1200W), a very high-definition polar optical system and a graphics and operational software with Corel Draw graphics engine, that is the ideal solution for the creation of files and the implementation of the entire system.

Points of strength:

  • Working area up to 1600 mm
  • Laser power of 1200 Watt
  • Marking large sizes
  • Equipped with graphics and operational software with Corel Draw graphics engine
  • Each treatment is given geometric and processing parameters and possible repetitions or
    compositions of drawing can be set
  • High precision of the laser spot thanks to the HD scanning head

Materials that can be processed by the CX XL machine

  • WOOD

Technical features

Beam power (Watt) 750 – 850 – 899 – 1200
Electric power (kW)
10 – 12 – 14 – 17 – 22
Single useful area (mm)
da 700×700 a 1600×1600 (Hr70)
Area marcatura mult. piano opz da 700×700 a 1600×3600
Overall dimensions (mm) 4950x3420x3850
Weight (kg) 2900
Supply (Volt):
380 3F+N

Accessori per CX XL

Ecco di seguito le soluzioni software e hardware compatibili con le macchine laser CX  XL per la marcatura di marmo, pelle e tessuto.

software solutions for CX XL

Smart DRAW

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Engraving Manager

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Smart Trim

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Smart LGP

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hardware solutions for CX XL

Scanning head 70 mm

High-definition galvanometric scanning system internally developed by Ot-las with 70mm optical aperture.

Moving table

Automatic table with high-precision of movement and absolute encoder, it allows continuous working or step-working.

Conveyor BX and CX

Continuous working system, suitable for various kinds of machining.

CX Rolls System

Roll-to-roll working system for CX.

Vision system for BX and CX

The vision system allows recognizing the shapes of the objects positioned on the working table, in combination with the Smart Trim software.

Some examples of processing due to the CX XL

Main sectors involved by the CX XL’s use

Textiles and fashion

Textiles and fashion

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Wall covering and interior design

Wall covering and interior design

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