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The OT-LAS laser machines are precious resources for processing in the field of giftware and design. Internally designed and developed for cutting, engraving and microperforation of many different materials, they guarantee exceptional levels of productivity and customization. From laser working of leather, wood and glass to the cutting and engraving of plastic and paper, OT-LAS machines offer very high performances in terms of power and speed. The remarkable reduction of production time and flexibility of applications add to the advantage of extraordinary accuracy without any need for finishing. For this reason, OT-LAS laser systems are ideal for the creation of gadgets, cards, jewels, fashion accessories, handcrafted items, and design items.

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Why choose OT-LAS for the design sector?

Our laser machines are the result of high proprietary technology, with innovative solutions entirely developed by us. For our laser systems we make use of excellent components, such as CO2 laser sources, produced within the El.En group, the most powerful ones on the market and a highest definition optical system. Besides the advantage of the entirely made-in-Italy quality, we can offer you a specialized service on any type of machine.

Since we personally take care of the development, we also offer the possibility of customized configurations based on your needs.

Here are some of the advantages of OT-LAS:

Advantages of laser machines for the design and fancy-good sector

The potential of laser machines to carry out decorations, carvings and complex drawings on any kind of materials are really extraordinary. High definition and neatness of the results perfectly fulfil the creation needs of the production of fashion, design and graphic art objects.

Processing times are much reduced and it is not necessary to create the dies first, or replace the tools or give any finishing touch. Furthermore, laser processing is carried out at a distance, thus minimizing any risk of compromising delicate materials such as glass, ceramics or paper.

Finally, the laser is a green technology which guarantees low environmental impact manufacturing, thanks to the absence of any waste and the minimum use of energy resources.

Advantages of laser working for design and fancy goods:

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