All materials suitable for our laser systems

What are the most suitable materials for laser cutting, engraving and marking?

The laser machines are increasingly more used in materials’ cutting, engraving and marking as they guarantee a number of advantages. One of these is the wide array of materials suitable for this processing  technology. In fact, the laser is extraordinarily versatile and precise, suitable for complex and detailed treatments even on delicate products. Compared with the other types of machines, the laser is the only technology that allows cutting and engraving the material at the same time, with considerable cost saving. In addition, it significantly reduces any risk of deforming the material chosen and it is a more rapid and accurate technique. These advantages make it the ideal choice for both mass manufacturing and single pieces.


Highly professional systems for laser cutting, marking and drilling for natural, synthetic and microfiber leather.


 Laser marking and cutting for cotton, linen, silk, viscose, polyester, polyamide, microfiber and other textiles, both on small pieces and on a roll-to-roll basis.


High power laser machine to decorate and engrave glasses, bottles, crystals, glass bowls, mirrors and glass sheet.


Laser system so as to engrave ornaments, decorations, wording, logos and images on ceramic objects and tiles with flawless precision.


Laser machines for cutting and engraving of marble, natural stone and granite with elegant results that are also resistant to atmospheric agents.


Infinite decorative solutions of cutting and engraving for solid wood, plywood, teak, oak, cork, maple, bamboo and much more.


Cutting, engraving and marking systems for plastic objects of any shape and size, even with complex patterns.


Very high precision (and speed) machines for the cutting and engraving of fine paper, coated and uncoated paper, smooth or corrugated cardboard without any risk of burning.


New generation galvanometer laser systems to carry out banners, advertising posters, signs, furnishing and lighting accessories.


Laser marking for food, with no alteration in the organoleptic characteristics and with considerable saving of plastics and packaging.


Machines for laser cutting, inlay and micro-drilling of veneer, with precise edges and no chips. The ideal solution also to create sound-absorbing panels.


We deliver safe and accurate laser systems, specifically designed for PES, PET and PI. The ideal solution to create mass, fast and cost-effective inlays.


Our laser systems are useful to cut and mark thermoformed and plastic materials.


Solutions for engraving and marking all types of metal, such as steel, copper, iron, magnesium, aluminum, brass and silver.

Customization and reliability: laser cutting and marking for every application

The high level of laser flexibility and the possibility of very accurate treatments make our technologies ideal in several sectors, In fact, they can be used both for natural materials, such as marble, wood and paper and on plastic, composite or synthetic materials.

Since the laser is faster and cheaper than other cutting, engraving and marking procedures, it is the ideal solution for large-sized organizations as well as for the single professional.