Machines for laser engraving on acrylic material

Our laser machines for engraving acrylic

Laser machine
Laser machine

Green technology for any application

OT-LAS develops laser machines for acrylic engraving that are specifically designed to deliver high quality and versatile processing. Due to laser technology, highly precise and neat engraving can be obtained without any finishing required. With no contact in the laser processing, the fixing phase can be avoided and as a result, any risk of deforming the material is eliminated.

Advantages of the OT –LAS laser systems

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Advantages of laser processing for the environment

The laser machines for laser engraving on acrylic material can be used in a number of sectors. For instance, in the advertising industry, for the realization of banners, signs and posters, in the lighting sector, in home accessories and furniture up to jewelry. In all of these fields, laser treatment introduces a green alternative due to the very low consumption in terms of power resources.

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