Machines for laser cutting, engraving and micro-drilling of films

The OT-LAS laser systems include laser machines for cutting of films and plastic multi-layer films. The very high accurate processing and the high-technology machines allow earning result excellence with materials such as PET, PES, PI and PC, reducing manufacturing time and cost or the performance of expensive dies.

Our film processing machines:

Laser Machine BX

BX is a highly flexible machine suitable for all types of decoration and customization, even on small items.

Fully designed and manufactured within the Group, the system combines efficiency and reliability while guaranteeing fast, reliable assistance.

The minimum marking line in proportion to the area varies from 0.2 to 0.6 mm.

Product details

Laser cutting unit GTL

GTL is a laser cutting unit equipped with radiofrequency laser source model RF88.

The unit includes the power supply the chiller, the control and focusing cutting head.The emitted average power is 80 Watt, the peak power greater than 250 Watt.

GTL has been design to be set on production lines or integrated in any systems, to satisfy requirements of cutting contouring, trimming, ecc.

Product details

Laser engraving and cutting system TX

Tx is the heart of the engrave/cut principle of Ot-Las.

It consists of a laser source and a galvo scan head, each one with their own control and service devices.

Product details

Highest accuracy, low environmental impact

Besides optimizing manufacturing, our machines for laser cutting engraving and micro-drilling of films allow processing in compliance with the environment. Laser technology uses very low quantities of power. This is a particularly important advantage when it comes to reducing plastic waste as much as possible. Furthermore, the laser allows obtaining permanent marking without using any chemical ink.

Laser technology for film processing

With the OT-LAS laser machines, films can be treated according to processes – that were so far impossible – based on the best efficiency and speed performance even in mass production. The absence of tools to be replaced and time saved for fixing and refinishing make any treatment easier and faster. Furthermore, the laser does not oppose resistance and reduces any risk of damaging the material, in favor of high quality and good processing times.

Advantages of the OT -LAS laser systems

  • Maximum speed and power performance
  • Proprietary technology and made in Italy
  • Possible customized configurations
  • Possible very large surfaces to be treated
  • Possible new treatments
  • Time and cost optimization

Advantages of laser processing for the environment:

  • Minimum use of power resources
  • No material waste
  • No use of inks or chemical solvents

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