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Design solutions for LGP panels

The application of laser technology also refers to the lighting sector. Over the last years, the use of the laser systems for cutting and engraving of lamps, chandeliers and lampshades has allowed obtaining unique and refined design. Thanks to the laser beam accuracy, the OT-LAS laser machines are the ideal solution also for the LGP panel realization.

Micro-drilling of acrylic PMMA panels allows a perfect and uniform diffusion of LED light, with very low power consumption. The high power and speed of our laser solutions guarantee a decisive increase in productivity with a considerable saving of time, costs and resources.

Materials suitable for laser machines for lighting:


of the OT-LAS laser machines

Why choose the OT-LAS machines for lighting?

Our laser systems for micro-drilling are designed to guarantee the best performance and the highest productivity rate. Due to exclusive technologies coupled with very high quality components we are able to offer the most powerful and rapid laser machines in this market.

In-house design and development of every machine allow to support customers even through bespoke configurations. In addition, the OT-LAS laser machines are also suitable for processing of large sheets and surfaces.

Advantages of laser cutting and engraving for lighting

Due to the laser machines’ potential, the lighting sector has reached new goals. Laser processing allows infinite design solutions and high power efficiency lighting systems. The laser advantages for lighting apply to both the interior design sector and those of advertising and lighting engineering.

Laser applications combined with LED lighting are increasingly more essential also in road signs, in the automotive, monitor and screen manufacturing fields. With extraordinary saving of time and power in processing, the laser offers unexpected quality without any finishing required. In the realization of micro-drilling for LGP panels, very high light diffusion panels are obtained by introducing a LED light source on the edges.

Here are some laser advantages for lighting:

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