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Our laser machines for engraving and cutting of paper

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Laser systems for paper and cardboard best suited to your needs

For the laser engraving and cutting of paper we have been developing high-technology laser machines, specifically designed to carry out a virtually endless range of treatments. The flawless accuracy of our systems for the laser beam control and the very high speed of motions offer decisive advantages in the application on paper.

Due to laser cutting, extremely thin decoration and engraving can be carried out while keeping extraordinary quality even in case of small graphical elements. Furthermore, the speed of processing prevents paper from burning, thus guaranteeing a neat result and the compliance with the material.
Thanks to the OT-LAS laser machines for paper and cardboard the processing of paper can be unique in a very short manufacturing time.

Laser systems for design , gift and fancy goods, interior design and packaging

Paper is the material that best highlights the main feature of the laser machines: engraving without burning. This advantage, combined with the extraordinary speed of the process and pinpoint accuracy, makes laser technology for paper the best solution in a number of manufacturing sectors.
From furniture to design, from fancy goods up to packaging and gifts. Through laser cutting and engraving unique decoration and effects can be performed reaching an amazing level of customization that could have never be obtained due to other systems. That is the reason why the laser machines are particularly suitable for the creation of greeting cards, wedding invitations, place cards, wallpaper, packaging and much more.

What kind of paper can be used?

Laser processing is performed with no contact with the material, thus being suitable for the most delicate paper.

Here are some of the types of paper that can be processed by the laser machine:


of the OT-LAS laser machines

Green technology for sustainable manufacturing

In addition to a number of advantages for manufacturing, the laser machines for paper guarantee a low impact on the environment, In fact, they require few power resources for processing, so much so that considerably reducing manufacturing time, even consumption is definitely cut down thus leading to outstanding saving in financial and environmental terms.

Both the accuracy of laser treatment and the absence of burning eliminate any material waste, a particularly significant aspect in case of paper. Moreover, as for printing and manual decoration, laser engraving does not require any harmful ink to the environment. By using laser machines, manufacturing can guarantee:

Laser machines engraving and cutting entirely designed and developed by our team

This ensures very high-quality components and assembly that allow delivery performance excellence. The utmost accuracy of our systems guarantees a perfect control of the laser beam. In addition to this, we use the most powerful laser sources on the market. Such special OT-LAS technology is also devised for large-sized performance. Finally, for our customers we also fine-tune customized configurations depending on the specific needs.

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