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Machines for laser cutting and engraving of wood veneer

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Machines for laser cutting and engraving of wood veneer

Laser technology allows performing even miniscule cuts while guaranteeing the utmost accuracy that is required to make inlay works. This is a great advantage, above all in case of geometric inlays, where the accuracy required is even higher. By the OT-LAS laser machines you can also carry out micro-drilling on wood veneer. Such recently discovered application allows obtaining, thanks to the laser system, high quality sound-absorbing panels, that can considerably reduce noise.


of the OT –LAS laser systems

Why choose OT-LAS laser systems?

Due to a proprietary technology and high-quality made-in-Italy components, we deliver performance excellence for any kind of product or system. As there is no contact with the material while processing it the laser machines are the ideal tool for delicate materials such as wood veneer that has always been used for elegant and refined products for instance decorative and artistic inlays.

Green technology for your company

Choosing a laser machine for veneer engraving and cutting certainly is an advantage for both manufacturing and the environment. As it is faster and more precise than any other cutting and marking technique, laser processing helps keep the artistic aspect of traditional treatments in addition to the new generation industrial aspect, while guaranteeing a very low power consumption. The absence of chips and other scraps during processing reduces the generation of dusts and eliminates any risk of combustion of waste products in the work environment.

Advantages of laser processing for the environment:

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