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The best cutting and marking solutions

Those who work in the fashion sector are well aware of the importance of an exclusive and original treatment.
The OT-LAS cutting and engraving laser machines are designed to guarantee the highest quality and customization standards. Specifically developed for the fashion sector, our laser systems offer all the efficiency of high power and speed performances, along with the perfection of processing.

Furthermore, our systems’ technology has a low environmental impact, thanks to the optimization of energy resources and the significant reduction of manufacturing time. The quality of machinery and project management software ensures a practical and intuitive use in all of the applications, by cutting costs and consumptions down. Also, the laser versatility and extreme accuracy compared to other machines allow immediately obtaining high-profile effects and finishing.


We have the best technology available on the market for laser processing of fabrics. OT-LAS has designed Re-jeans, which revolutionized the production and denim customization industries. Thanks to a high-performance system and an extremely innovative configuration, a single operation allows cutting and marking jeans directly from the roll of textile. It is no longer necessary to put the jeans on a dummy before proceeding with laser engraving.
The CX-T laser machine specialized in denim marking, allows carrying out decoration and unique effects, such as bleaching and vintage effect, directly on textile and simultaneously with cutting. Furthermore, it offers exceptional variety of customizations, such as the possibility to decorate the internal part of the jeans pocket and engrave brands and details in it. Besides the incredible saving of time, Re-Jeans assures saving of energy compared to the old bleaching systems. Such advantage, combined with the absence of solvents and chemical substances during processing, makes this machine extremely environment-friendly and efficient for the health of operators and the planet.

What kinds of fabrics are suitable for laser marking and cutting?

Laser cutting and engraving can be used in a great number of applications in the fashion sector. From the creation of bags, accessories and shoes to clothing. All natural textiles can be laser treated, such as leather, linen, silk, cotton and denim, but also technical and artificial textiles such as polyester, polyamide and nylon.


of the OT-LAS laser machines

Why choose the OT-LAS laser for the fashion sector?

Our laser machines are designed to offer you the maximum flexibility and safety in each treatment. We directly take care of their development, from design to the assembly phase, to obtain increasingly more innovative systems for our customers.

The low consumption of the laser compared to traditional processing revolutionize the production chain to the environment’s advantage. In addition, the laser guarantees higher flexibility and reduced production times.

Here are some advantages of OT-LAS:

Laser advantages in the fashion sector

The choice of laser machinery is increasingly more common in the fashion industry thanks to the extraordinary advantages offered by this technology. Laser cutting and engraving of textiles has opened new frontiers to creativity, by constantly guaranteeing excellent results even in the most complex treatments.

Furthermore, the elegance and perfection of results combines with a significant saving of times and production costs. Some of the main advantages of laser systems in the fashion sector are reported here below:

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