Laser machines

High–technology laser machines for any kind of material

We have been developing laser cutting, marking and engraving machines and systems, that are cutting-edge in any sector. OT-LAS directly design and carry out technologies aiming at the utmost efficiency and unparalleled performance. Our wide array of products includes laser machines for leather and textile along with systems for marble, glass, wood and ceramic, up to paper and thermoformed materials.
Each OT-LAS machine is the result of a completely technical know-how and expertise earned in over 30 years at the organizations’ service.

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High-level performance and bespoke configurations

The main feature of all OT-LAS machines consists in their being the result of proprietary technology, with bespoke components for any special application. That is the reason why we can offer the maximum flexibility coupled with high-level customization depending on the customer’s needs. Furthermore, our machines are equipped with cutting-edge solutions that still are unique in this market, with extraordinary performance in terms of speed and power. A thorough knowledge of the technologies and sectors we operate in helps us to promptly and professionally support when required.

The advantages of choosing OT-LAS

Thanks to our laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking you can make your company more efficient and high-performing. Our practical and intuitive management software and the high-resolution optical systems can guarantee higher functionality and accuracy, thus reducing processing times. Furthermore, we use proprietary laser sources that allow our intervention for any need, without obliging the customer to replace them for obsolescence, as usually happens. Thanks to OT-LAS laser technology you can count on:

  • Very high accuracy in complex processing too
  • Saving of time and manufacturing costs
  • Possible integration of other technologies
  • Immediately usable parts and no finishing required
  • No wear of tools or waste of materials
  • Direct support for any fixing
  • Customized configurations

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