Laser machines

Laser cutting unit GTL

with radiofrequency laser source

GTL, the laser cutting unit for special applications

is a laser cutting unit equipped with radiofrequency laser source model RF88.
The unit includes the power supply the chiller, the control and focusing cutting head.

Advantages of the laser cutting unit GTL

The emitted average power is 80 Watt, the peak power greater than 250 Watt.
GTL has been design to be set on production lines or integrated in any systems, to satisfy requirements of cutting contouring, trimming, ecc.

Laser cutting unit GTL - OT-LAS

Materials that GTL can process

  • Cotone
  • Lino
  • Viscosa
  • Poliestere
  • Microfibra
  • Seta
  • Jeans

Technical features

Beam Power (Watt) 80
Weight (kg) 50
Supply (Volt) 220V – 1,5 KW

Here are some examples of applications with GTL

The main fields of application

Special applications

Special applications

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