Laser machine

Laser machine

The revolutionary solution for noise absorption

Maximum Power

1200 W

Maximum Area

1300×3600 mm

The laser microperforation system for sound-absorbing panels

CX Microperforation is a state-of-the-art system wholly designed and implemented to revolutionize the noise absorption sector. The sound-absorbing panels have the essential task to dampen and absorb noise.
The micro-perforated panels are made of wood or laminate, and show thousands of tiny holes on their surface, with suitable diameters for sound absorption.

CX Microperforation can process the following materials:

Advantages of the CX Microperforation laser machine

Thanks to laser microperforation of sound-absorbing panels, it is possible to obtain holes unnoticeable to the eye without altering their look. Furthermore, unlike mechanic processing, laser microperforation avoids the risk of laminate breaking.

The CX Microperforation highlights:

Technical characteristics

Designed to guarantee unnoticeable micro-holes on wood and engineered wood panels, CX Microperforation assures avant-garde performances for noise absorption.

Blade RF888 – 1222
Rated power (W)850 – 1200
Electric consumption22 – 23
Useful marking area (mm)1300×3600
Mult. marking area opt. planfrom 700×700 to 1600×3600
Electric Power Supply (VAC)machine: 400 3F+T ±10% – 50 Hz
refrigerator: 400 3F+T ±10% – 50 Hz

Software for CX Microperforation

A graphic and operating software with specific Corel Draw graphic engine for the realization of files and for the entire system functioning. For each work, it is possible to assign geometric parameters, processing parameters and set any drawing repetitions or compositions, in case the system is equipped with automatic table.

A machine management software that can open various formats such as PLT, BMP, etc. Moreover, Engraving allows setting the arrangement and frequency of the points on panels as well as speed and power parameters, and creating processing lists.

The main sectors CX Microperforationis addressed to


Microperforation produces unnoticeable holes that do not alter the look and feel of panels.

Wall coating and interior design

Any type of wall coating can be decorated, including stones and marbles, through rapid and accurate processing.

Some processing made with CX Microperforation

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