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CX Micro-perforation laser machine

The cutting-edge solution for sound reduction.

CX Micro-perforation
The laser micro-perforation system for soundproof panels.

Specifically designed to guarantee imperceptible micro-holes for plastic and wood panels, CX Micro-perforation ensures breakthrough performance for sound absorption.

Advantages of the CX Micro-perforation laser machine

CX Micro-perforation is the latest-generation system that was specifically designed and developed in order to revolutionize the sound reduction field. The soundproof panels mainly aim to deaden and absorb sound. Those micro-perforated are made up of plastic or wood and feature thousands of small holes in their surface, having diameters and thicknesses that affect the sound absorption capacity.

Due to the laser micro-perforation of the soundproof panels, imperceptible micro-holes are obtained that do not change the aesthetic result at all. Furthermore, unlike mechanical processing, laser micro-perforation prevents the laminate from any break.

Punti di forza:

  • Working area 1300×3500 mm
  • Laser power RF 899 and RF 1200 Watt
  • Large sizes of micro-perforation
  • Equipped with graphics and operational software with Corel Draw graphics engine
  • Each treatment is given geometric and processing parameters and possible repetitions or compositions of drawing can be set
  • High precision of the laser spot thanks to the HD scanning head

Materials that can be processed by the CX Microperforation machine

  • Wood
  • Plastic

Technical features

Laser Power (Watt) 899 – 1200
Electric Power (kW)
10 – 12 – 14 – 17 – 22
Marking working area (mm)
max 1300×3500
Marking area of opt. mult. table from 700×700 to 1600×3600
Overall dimensions (mm) 4950x3420x3850
Weight (kg) 2900
Power supply (Volt)
380 3F+N

Accessori per CX Microperforation

Ecco di seguito le soluzioni software e hardware compatibili con le macchine laser CX  Microperforation per la marcatura di marmo, pelle e tessuto.

software solutions for CX microperforation

Smart DRAW

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Engraving Manager

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Smart Trim

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Smart LGP

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hardware solutions for CX microperforation

Scanning head 70 mm

High-definition galvanometric scanning system internally developed by Ot-las with 70mm optical aperture.

Moving table

Automatic table with high-precision of movement and absolute encoder, it allows continuous working or step-working.

Vision system for BX and CX

The vision system allows recognizing the shapes of the objects positioned on the working table, in combination with the Smart Trim software.

Here are some examples of applications carried out with CX

The main fields of application

Wall covering and interior design

Wall covering and interior design

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