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The OT-LAS laser machines for glass engraving guarantee excellent results with a minimum power consumption. The laser use to engrave glass is the ideal choice to optimize manufacturing costs and times and obtain elegant and customized treatments. As there is no contact with the material, this considerably reduces any risk of break and does not involve tools to be replaced. Furthermore, the laser is an extremely environment-friendly technology, both for the low power consumption and for the possible unique effects that do not require any chemical products. These advantages, combined with the processing speed, make the laser machines a revolutionary technology for glass engraving.

Laser systems for glasses, plates, bowls, mirrors and interior design items

Laser technology stands out for its very high level of precision and versatility. With our laser machines for engraving on glass, refined and original effects can be easily obtained. Differently from sandblasting, laser engraving does not require any mold or template, but it directly treats the surface with flawless accuracy. This results in an elegant matt effect and the possibility to create unique and exclusive objects. The accuracy of the OT-LAS laser systems allows engraving graphical elements, logos, wording and images on crystals, glasses and mirrors – even in large sizes – with unique elegance and simplicity. The laser beam control, that our machines can guarantee, allows obtaining very original results, also reinterpreting old treatments such as the pantograph technique. 

What kinds of glass are suitable for laser engraving?

Laser engraving is suitable for the most fragile glasses too, due to no contact and blocking over the processing operations. It is possible to also engrave glasses for mirrors, since the laser does not damage the surface underlying the glass

 Here are the kinds of glass suitable for the laser machines:


of the OT-LAS laser machines

Why choose OT-LAS laser machines?

Our expert and qualified team designs and develops cutting-edge systems for laser engraving on glass and mirror. Our laser machines are equipped with in-house manufactured components and technology only, that are superior in terms of quality and performance. In addition, the expertise in the sector and the complete qualification allow us  to support customers with the utmost flexibility and even customized configurations.

While choosing an OT-LAS machine, you can count on:

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Cost-effective and environment-friendly: advantages of the laser as to the environment

One of the many qualities laser processing certainly has is the very low environmental impact. The use of the laser machines to engrave glass and mirror allows reducing processing times by up to 80%. In fact, without any need of dies or tools to be mounted and replaced, production gets more rapid and cost-effective. Starting the laser machine requires  minimum power quantity, thus allowing precious saving of costs and resources. Finally, compared with traditional engraving systems, it does not produce scraps due to processing, as it happens with sandblasting, and prevents the use of chemical solvents, as it happens instead with the traditional pantograph treatment, that is suitable for three-dimension surfaces only. This is why the choice of the laser machines boosts manufacturing and helps the environment:

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