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Laser machine BX for insoles

The perfect laser solution for insoles

BX for insoles, the laser machine for footwear

BX for Insoles is the perfect solution for laser cutting insoles, digging insoles and buttonholes. The processing takes place using specific 3D CAD or Easytrack Laser software designed for the needs of the individual shoe and with a power of 1.200 Watts.

The digging profiles and the slots cutting are projected over the insoles, properly set in the supports (plates) suitable for any size and shape.

Here are the advantages of the laser system BX for Insoles

The BX laser system can be fitted out by a plates rotating system to get the slots perpendicularly cut.Bx can be equipped by double station, manual or automatic, to optimize the production cycle.

Points of strength:

  • new optical head with high performance
  • peak power of more than 2000 watts
  • easy and fast processing of the excavation profiles
  • automatic size development
  • importing DXF files
Laser Machine BX for insoles - OT-LAS

Materials that can be worked by BX for Insoles

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Microfiber
  • Silk
  • Jeans

Technical features

Beam Power (Watt) 350 – 550 – 750 – 850 – 899 – 1200
Electric power (kW) 10 – 12 – 14 – 17 – 22
Single useful area (mm) from 500×500 to 700×700 mm
Scan area with moving table 700x1600mm
Overall dimensions (mm) 2014 x 2745 x 2698 mm
Weight (kg)  from 950 to 1500
Supply (Volt) 380 TF+N

Accessori per BX for Insoles

Ecco di seguito le soluzioni software e hardware compatibili con le macchine laser BX for Insoles.

software solutions for BX for insoles

Smart DRAW

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Smart Track

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Engraving Manager

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hardware solutions for BX for insoles

Scanning head 35 mm

Galvanometric scanning head, internally developed by Ot-las with 35mm optical aperture.

Moving table

Automatic table with high-precision of movement and absolute encoder, it allows continuous working or step-working.

Insole table double position

Insole table with tilting system. The table movement can be either automatic or manual.

Manual plan

Manual handling table for both BX and BX Insoles.

Here are some examples of applications with BX for Insoles

The 3D laser system is designed for the decoration of complete non-flat surfaces quickly.
Compared to traditional processes, it allows you to extend the panorama of decoration possibilities.

The main fields of application of BX for insoles

Footwear and accessories

Footwear and accessories

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