Laser Machines for food marking.

Our laser systems for food marking

Laser machine
Laser cutting unit that can be integrated inline
Laser marking unit that can be integrated inline

Labeling goes green thanks to laser

OT-LAS develops laser machines for food marking featuring high power and speed performance. Due to laser marking, labeling food is getting increasingly easier and faster, with a considerable advantage for the environment too. Our laser systems are perfectly suitable for marking food products, as they guarantee safety and versatility.

Since there is no contact with food all its characteristics can be kept without damaging its surface. Furthermore, the laser accuracy in any application allows marking any kind of code, wording or logo in a neat and permanent way.

Advantages of OT-LAS laser systems

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Advantages of laser processing for the environment

The OT-LAS laser machines for food marking also offer the advantage of a highly environment-friendly and effective system. As far as labeling is concerned, the laser solution is a completely plastic-free alternative that eliminates any waste of material. Moreover, laser processing requires minimum quantities of power thus considerably reducing any impact on the environment. Laser marking does not require any kind of chemical ink, does not deteriorate over time and accordingly, it is more effective without polluting the environment.

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