The denim revolution is starting

We have been operating in the denim laser marking for a long time now and we have always committed to finding out solutions that could improve the existing processes.

The procedure for denim laser marking commonly used by the manufacturers certainly features a number of advantages, compared with the traditional operations such as sandblasting, abrasion, washing, that allow obtaining special decorations and finishing on the fabric. Laser marking has reduced the consumption of water, chemical substances and electric power while safeguarding the operators’ health and thus making the textile treatment increasingly greener and more eco-friendly.

By listening to our customers’ feedback and keeping up with the changes in this market, we have gradually realized that this kind of marking also has some objective limits.

Jeans are a must-have article of clothing, ever longed for by men and women, the old and the young, people of any age but without a special treatment they have a low added value: ageing, application of patterns, smears… all of them are appreciated finishing considered to be essential in terms of sales.

In a market such as the fashion one where personalizations and details are the means designers use in order to stand out and easily make their own product recognizable and different from the competitors’ one, we are wondering if the traditional laser marking is good enough!

Here is the denim revolution…

The issue here above is right what we have been mulling over for a year now and as we were challenged by the idea of stirring things up and distinguishing ourselves, we have finally devised something revolutionary.

Here is a laser machine that can reach untouched points so far and features unique advantages: clear-cut simplification combined with faster realization of the article of clothing, influencing any application of finishing that is accordingly unique. Some of our customers could see this machine before everybody else and were enchanted. Their opinions have been a confirmation to us of the value and the innovation of our project as well as the certainty that from now on the method we have introduced will be the one for denim laser marking .

We will present this innovative machine at ITMA, the most important textile technology exhibition that will be held in Barcelona from 20th to 26th June and we are unsurprisingly on cloud nine!

We still cannot unveil some details, but we just can promise you will see a number of great solutions. You can visit our Stand B12 in the H2 Hall. We advise you to participate in the denim revolution! Do not forget to book your ticket here.