How does laser for engraving work? The best applications according to OT-LAS

The use of laser for engraving heterogeneous materials, such as leather, wood, natural stones and textiles, in the last years has led to the evolution of different production sectors. From production headed for fashion, to the footwear, automotive, design and furnishing sectors, there are several advantages of choosing laser engraving, both under an operational point of view and in economical/sustainability terms. The result is a continuously increasing market with an annual growth rate of 7.2% estimated for the next five years. What factors are critical to this success and what companies can take advantage of it?

The advantages of using laser for engraving and marking

Laser engraving allows obtaining any type of graphics, writing or decoration item on the processed material, with a flawless result. Thanks to the laser beam dynamic focusing, it is possible to obtain high-profile engraving and marking in a very short time. The speed of laser processing, which does not require tool changes or additional finishing, significantly increases the productivity of enterprises. Moreover, laser guarantees results that can be duplicated on a large scale, without any quality loss, thus meeting the needs of small labs as well as those of large companies. These advantages add to the reduced use of energy compared to the traditional methods, and the elimination of material waste, resulting in advantages for the environment, too. Yet the companies that have chosen laser have been conquered most of all by its extraordinary versatility, in a time where the market requires uniqueness and customization. Here are some of the applications that revolutionized their respective sectors.

The new frontiers of laser engraving: applications and opportunities

The spreading of machines for laser engraving in production departments is an evidence of the efficiency of laser technology in the processing of numerous materials. The most flexible, in this respect, is CO2 laser, which allows engraving and marking a wide range of materials, such as:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic and material fabrics
  • Marble and natural stones
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard

In sectors using such materials, the adoption of laser machinery has marked a turning point in the production modes and times. The companies that make use of this technology obtained a competitivity advantage on the market, which cannot be reached by the companies using traditional methods. In particular, an unprecedented evolution has been experienced in some sectors thanks to laser tools and the performances of innovative machinery. OT-LAS has been taking part for some years in this transformation, with laser systems entirely designed and manufactured in-house which introduced full-fledged revolutions in application fields. In particular:

Fashion and textiles: customization and speed at the service of fashion

Performances of laser systems in fashion allowed reaching an unprecedented production dynamism. Quintessential realm of exclusivity, fashion has long been forced to choose between quality of processing and speed. The accuracy and uniqueness of handicraft processing is often non-compliant with a market requiring ongoing renewal of collections. Precision and flexibility of laser cutting, marking and engraving allowed the sector to combine quality and speed. OT-LAS laser machines are a perfect example of this combination, with high-technology solutions for any kind of fabric processing. The fashion sector flagship is the CX-T system, which allows processing textiles directly from rolls and obtaining precise and exclusive effects. A sustainable and state-of-the-art solution even to replace traditional methods of denim abrasion, bleaching, decoration and marking.

Leather footwear and accessories: exclusive processing and unique details

The production chain of leather footwear and accessories is among those of which laser is a valuable ally. Also in this case, laser technology has met the needs of customization and attention for details that is typical of this sector with high-precision processing. Laser also allows avoiding any waste in the processing of such a delicate and expensive material as leather, and obtaining unique effects without the use of chemical solvents. OT-LAS laser machines fulfil all sector’s needs, from the production of insoles to the creation of high-profile accessories and decorations. The advantages of quality and speed add to the possibility to easily process even large surfaces.

Interior design and natural stone: when marble becomes flexible

Real innovation in the use of laser engraving has been introduced by OT-LAS systems for the processing of marble and natural stone. Thanks to the excellence reached in laser engraving, it has been possible to customize coatings, furnishing objects and items with decorations, textures and elegant engravings. Once again laser proves to be the right tool to unleash creativity and turn it into exclusive products. OT-LAS machines for laser engraving allow working even on big slabs with unaffected precision and accuracy.

Acoustic and wood panels: microperforation for environmental wellbeing

Apart from laser engraving, one of the luckiest applications of this technology concerns microperforation. Thanks to the possibility to carry out imperceptible-to-touch micro-holes on plastic and wood, laser has become the tool of choice for the realization of sound-proof panels. Also in this case, there are remarkable advantages both in terms of production speed and quality of the final result. CX Microperforation by OT-LAS is a laser system allowing the microperforation of acoustic panels without affecting their look, which is so important in furnishings. Furthermore, laser microperforation avoids any risk of breaking the foil during processing.

Automotive and laser engraving: high-technology luxury

Laser microperforation and engraving have found fertile ground also in the automotive design. In a sector where customization is increasingly at the centre of market requests, the possibility to carry out unique effects and textures through the use of laser has conquered the production. The extreme precision of laser systems proved to be important both for the design of vehicle interiors and for the realization of essential mechanic components. Furthermore, the production speed and flexibility meet the recent trend of on-demand models.

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