Laser texture in furnishing: trends at the Milan Design Week 2023

If the combination of laser with interior design is nothing new, the latest Milan Design Week 2023, on the occasion of its 61st edition, confirmed this trend. The event, which ended on April 23rd at Fieramilano Rho, saw the main brands and technologies bring innovation and creativity, but most of all values. Sustainability, wellness for humans and nature, furnishing characterized by balance, and the rediscovery of handicraft details are some of the most successful trends. House and outdoors become the spaces of the joy of living, with relax, functionality and pleasure of discovery. This is how laser can perfectly interpret such standards, with exclusive solutions that combine beauty, handiness, and care for the environment.

Laser engraving in furnishing for a creative and high-quality design

Applications and creative possibilities have multiplied since laser has become part of the most innovative technologies for interior design. The production speed, refined quality of processing and extreme versatility, made of laser the best-selected tool to comply with the current needs of this sector. Laser engraving in furnishing allowed significantly reducing the gap between the uniqueness of handicraft furniture and the standardization of industrial processing. Once they got rid of the limits set by the traditional mechanic engraving techniques, designers and manufacturers could unleash their creativity, thus obtaining outstanding effects, textures, and decorations. High-profile processing that serves the purpose of the limited-edition exclusivity as well as the large-production needs.

Laser texture for unique and functional furnishing and coating

The evolution of laser applications in furnishing allowed obtaining extremely precise and complex laser textures for any kind of materials. Wood, stone, paper, glass, and fabric are some of the materials that CO2 laser engraving can make unique and customized items based on your needs. Coatings wrap themselves of elegant decorative effects, bas-reliefs, and prestigious inlays. From wallpaper to upholstery, up to wall and wood coverings, each furniture item gets character with results once really impossible. The aesthetic impact of laser-made textures with a potentially infinite range of patterns and graphics combines with functionality. This is the case of laser microperforation of soundproof panels, which allows getting a texture that is smooth to the touch but able to protect the acoustic balance of a room. Or non-slip textures on marble, which combine style, design and usefulness.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability of laser in furnishing

Flawless attention for detail, handicraft quality and production flexibility are precious advantages in the furnishing sector. Yet the possibility to obtain furnishings and coatings in a really sustainable way has been the key to the success of laser textures in interior design. Laser technology complies with several sustainability parameters:

  • It is sustainable for small and medium-sized businesses that want to remain competitive and keep up with large companies
  • It is sustainable for workers that can obtain unique processing without using polluting substances or continuously changing tool
  • It is sustainable for the environment thanks to a green technology that does not produce hazardous waste and avoids material squandering
  • It is sustainable for the end-user who can count on a human-sized living environment aimed to wellbeing and functionality

OT-LAS laser engraving for furnishing: the new era of design

With more than 30 years of experience in the laser machine sector, OT-LAS designs and manufactures high-technology systems for laser engraving in furnishing. From laser machines used to process natural stone and marble, to the models designed for microperforation of wood and thermoformed products, up to laser machines for textiles and upholstery. The results obtained in all fields of laser engraving and marking allowed OT-LAS to introduce important news in the interior design sector. Here are some advantages of OT-LAS laser machines:

  • Better performance in terms of engraving power and quality
  • Proprietary technology and tailor-made configurations
  • Utmost accuracy thanks to the ultra-high-definition optical system
  • Processing of big surfaces for example for wall covering
  • Laser systems entirely Made in Italy

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