ITMA 2019: a great satisfaction

ITMA 2019 finished just some days ago and it is time we took stock of it! On the occasion of such an important exhibition in this field, we presented Re-Jeans worldwide, our new and revolutionary laser machine, specifically designed for denim laser marking. Due to this unique solution, the simultaneous textile marking and cutting is now possible, leading to an endless world of creative possibilities.

The feedback we gained from the visitors at the exhibition was really extraordinary: many of them were enchanted by the treatment and the outcomes this laser system can guarantee.

In addition to its eco-friendliness – in fact, the laser impacts on the environment much less compared with the traditional marking performed through chemicals – this type of treatment sets the fashion designer totally free while creating denim jackets, skirts or trousers.

In the fashion world, where imagination and creativity are the key drivers, it is important that no restrictions to creating and experimenting should be imposed. Re-Jeans has provided all of the operators in the fashion creative sector with a unique instrument to reproduce their own style.

In the following videos you can see Re-Jeans at work and thus fully grasp the real revolution it brings about in the fashion world.