Re-Jeans is here! The denim laser marking will be no longer as it used to be!

No more waiting, here we finally are! ITMA is upon us and at last we can unveil our revolutionary machine for laser marking!

The actual turning point this machine guarantees consists in its allowing the textile marking and cutting right at the same time!

No more marking on a manikin that implied operating on a finished article of clothing but instead, the treatment can be directly performed on the textile that is to be cut later. That is how we have revolutionized the denim sector: by one operation only our machine can deliver decorative and ageing effects – the so-called vintage effect – along with cutting of the articles of clothing themselves.

Through Re-Jeans – which is the name of such laser revolution in the denim treatment – we succeed in achieving a clothing personalization final result never experienced so far. An example? The decoration of the inside of the jeans pocket : a special and refined detail that really makes any article one of a kind. Fashion designers will be freer to use their creativity by obtaining personalizations, graphical solutions and cuts combined with vintage effects and all-over patterns. The ways to get possible decorations are almost unlimited.

Re-Jeans is the idea dramatically revolutionizing the concept for the denim creation and such revolution involves designing, performing, safeguarding the environment and guaranteeing the operators’ health. In fact, the laser marking advantages that are water, chemicals and power consumption reduction in addition to the operators’ health safeguarding, combine with an unlimited array of possible decorations.

Re-Jeans perfectly meets all of the eco-friendly and fashion market requirements.

Here are some technical features of this machine:

Re-Jeans is equipped with the RF 899 laser source that features self-refilling technology allowing independently replacing the gas cartridge and accordingly, stable laser parameters over time. The performance on textile it can guarantee is always top notch and the final results are flawless indeed.

Now then, you just have to come and see Re-Jeans at ITMA, we will be waiting for you from 20th to 26th June.