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The Simac Tanning Tech Exhibition will open tomorrow in Milan and we will be there to present a great number of new solutions: the most important of them involves a cooperation with El.En., a company manufacturing CO2 laser sources, laser scanning heads and customized laser devices. On this occasion, we will present our first OT-LAS machine using the El.En.-marked RF1222 laser, nicknamed THE BIG BOY.

The CO2 Blade RF 1222 laser source combines the advantages of RF excitation (high peak power and frequency modulation and compactness) and the extraordinary advantages of the Self Refilling technology that considerably reduces maintenance requirements. The El.En. Self Refilling CO2 lasers are in fact equipped with a special slot housing the bottle with the CO2 gas mixture and the operator can rapidly change the bottle and regenerate the laser source in a few instants.

The new RF1222 power is also given by some of its key features:

  • remote processing and high performance
  • ability to cut plastic, wood, leather, textile and steel
  • possible digital conversion
  • high-speed cutting of paper, cardboard, labels

This laser allows increasing productivity and performance, above all in the sector of the insoles that really requires the utmost accuracy and flexibility.

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