Optical path: the laser beam guidance system

The laser beam guidance system allows the laser beam to reach into the robot wrist keeping the right alignment during any motion of the robot itself.

It is made up of two components:

  • The articulated arm
  • The optical path on board the second arm of the robot

The articulated arm guides the laser beam, emitted by the laser source, up to the robot elbow. It is made up of two 1,500 mm long tubes and joints on which deflection mirrors are placed. This structure, allows, due to its 7 degrees of freedom (DOF), following all of the robot motions always having the laser beam aligned; the alignment accuracy is 1± mm to 4 metres corresponding to an angle of 0,25 mrad (about 1 minute). The connection of the articulated arm to the robot arm does not limit the robot elbow in reaching into the treatment points.

The optical path fixed on the second robot’s arm is made up of four deflections, each of which including a mirror, connected by tubes. It receives the laser beam by the robot elbow and guides it to the wrist allowing its motion and always keeping it on the latter axis.

Robot Laser

The following can be fitted on the robot wrist:

  • Focusing head with 5” or 7.5” lenses of focal
  • Scanning head 1735 with operating field ranging from 180×180 mm to 500×500 mm

Distance sensor to have correct focusing.