Laser marking and cutting on textiles: MX system

The fabric is a versatile material and, at the same time, delicate. Just think about the fashion and clothing sector, where the creations of stylists are so beautiful that resemble works of art. To achieve such a perfect end result, fabric processing requires precision and accuracy, which can only be achieved with laser cutting and marking machines.

The embossed designs on velvet or the vintage effect on jeans these are just two of the possible processes thanks to the laser.

But not just marking: the laser gives its best even with the cut to have clean, and perfectly sealed edges.Marking and laser cutting do not only apply to the clothing industry, but also to the automotive and furniture industry.

At OT-LAS we have developed the MX system, designed to transform every type of fabric from roll to roll in continuous mode, with a considerable saving of time. With MX it is possible to replicate each cut or marking in an efficient way and with a final result that does not require any adjustments.