Laser Marking: all we need to know

Laser marking is a special process treating materials by a laser beam and it can be broken down into different kinds of processes: engraving, bleaching, removal etc.

Over the last years laser marking has been very popular for the various advantages it can offer and above all for the results it guarantees, namely flawless treatments that are unlikely to require additional corrections. Not to mention the fact that marking considerably reduces times and can be used on a number of materials: wood, denim, paper, ceramic and much more.

Laser marking advantages

Here are all the details of the real advantages involved in laser marking.

Flawless and long-lasting results

This technology guarantees extraordinary ornamental results that can be easily achieved and are long-lasting. In fact, over the laser marking process the structure is modified of the material being treated; the ornamental effect will accordingly be permanent, even in case of complex and articulate patterns or tiny geometrical shapes. Anyway, the final effect will be accurate and uniform.

Furthermore, laser marking does not require a direct contact between the laser system and the material to be treated, thus considerably reducing any risk of damages. This aspect is to be considered above all in case of delicate surfaces such as ceramic and glass that need special attention upon their treatment.

Laser marking is eco-friendly

Considering the primary concern for the environment of our time, laser marking is perfect in that it is a sustainable treatment and also fosters the realization of sustainable products themselves, such as packaging and packaging materials.

Marking high speed and flexibility

Laser marking is one of the fastest treatment processes and this allows considerably increasing productivity and saving money. Laser systems also feature a wide flexibility of use. This technology allows – with the same system and without any adjustments – marking, engraving and cutting by simply changing its power and speed.

Laser systems are definitely long-lasting

The sources mounted on our laser systems are self-refilling and this guarantees a long duration without any need of frequent maintenance.

Materials that can be laser marked

Maybe we had better list the materials that cannot be laser treated!

Laser marking is in fact fit for any kind of decoration and customization on objects of different material and size, ranging from the tiniest to the widest surfaces.

Leather Laser Marking

Here is one of the most successful treatments! The laser is often used in the clothing and leather goods sectors to carry out refined ornaments and flowery or geometrical patterns that make any article of clothing special.

The laser is the right choice to drill, cut and decorate the leather in that there is no direct contact between material and system and accordingly, almost no risk of error and damage.

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Textile Laser Marking

Never has a more successful couple than that of laser and textile existed! In the furniture, fashion or automotive sectors, in which the aesthetic aspect plays a significant role, carefully decorating textiles brings about the success of a product.

Relief patterns on thick or microfiber textiles or the vintage effect on denim are just 2 examples of the results that can be obtained by laser marking.

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Denim Laser Marking

We perfectly know how denim treatment can be hazardous to the environment, especially the process required to reproduce the so popular vintage effect. The laser eliminates this problem and has in fact revolutionized the fashion sector, replacing the most traditional methods. From cutting to finishing, the laser definitely is the protagonist able to eliminate chemicals while guaranteeing flawless finish that is essential in the fashion sector.

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Glass Laser Marking

The glass too, perfectly suits to laser treatments, within sectors such as furniture and design, general and specialist gift and fancy goods, as those related to the wine world. Since there is no direct contact with the material, even the most fragile and delicate glass can be laser marked.

Wood Laser Marking

Both the most valuable and the most common wood can be easily laser marked reproducing any kind of graphic sign, drawing, text, logo etc. Any representation and engraving can be automatically mass-reproduced in a short time. Wood laser marking resists over time, has a strong visual impact in line with craftsmanship and tradition and does not require any subsequent treatment.

Ceramic, Marble, Stone Laser Marking

Even ceramic, marble and stones, though being fragile and delicate materials, can be perfectly laser marked leading to clear and well-defined engraving. The absence of any contact between the laser system and the material prevents any kind of break or superficial stress.

Paper Laser Marking

Business, wish and wedding cards, brochures, invitation cards, packaging… so many paper objects are daily handled and loads of them are laser decorated. Every piece of paper turns into a little artwork that can be customized through drawings, writings and logos.

Film and Plastic Laser Marking

Polyamide, polyethylene and many other plastics are perfectly suitable to laser marking and result in very accurate and long-lasting products. Our systems can permanently mark any kind of plastic.

Food Laser Marking

The laser marking of food, especially the biological one, is increasingly more spread in order to reduce plastic packaging and labeling that are waste for the environment. Through the laser one can apply customized logos and labels of fruit and vegetables such as apples, pears, chestnuts, cucumbers, potatoes…, but even hard cheese or other food. Taste and quality are not altered at all.

Ot-las Laser Marking Systems

Ot-Las features laser solutions whose performance can be configured according to the manufacturing requirements and due to the technical characteristics and high performance of our machines. We boast a wide array of systems that are increasingly being developed so as to pro-actively meet our customers’ needs.

In particular, we have optimal systems for the textile laser cutting and marking that offer a very high level of accuracy on any kind of textile. MX, for instance, transforms any kind of textile from roll to roll on a continuous basis and FX is the ideal solution to work on wide working areas. These 2 laser systems perfectly operate for leather laser cutting and marking.

Most of our customers deal with footwear and right for them we have specifically devised BX for insoles and BX multiaxes, that are the ideal solution for insole excavation, 3D object customization and traditional though renewed laser-operated decoration of flat objects such as shoe uppers, soles etc..

Another feather in our cap are LX-C and LX-B, the systems devised for laser marking on LGP and acrylic sheet that are used in the signage and lighting sector.

Should you need any further information about laser marking processes or our systems, please do not hesitate to contact us!