Laser engraved marble: applications for interior design

The laser engraving on marble makes it possible to combine the charm of the unique and precious workmanship with the production flexibility required by the interior design sector. In a context where beauty is often defined by details and craftsmanship, a laser engraved marble finds today a wide range of applications. Here are some of the creative possibilities that laser engraving and marking on marble have opened for companies in the industry.

Laser marking and engraving in interior design

Marble engraving with CO2 laser is a sophisticated process that uses the power and precision of the laser to create accurate and flawless graphic effects. A perfect combination of innovation and tradition, technology offers the advantage of absolute versatility, transforming stone surfaces into timeless works of art. The main applications of laser on marble in interior design include:

Engraving of tiles and floors

The CO2 laser allows you to engrave and mark marble floors and tiles with drawings, writings and textures of any style and complexity. The result is a complete customization of the environments with exclusive solutions that can vary from classic to modern, marrying the preferences of furniture. Special textures can also help optimize comfort by increasing the friction of the floors in contact with the soles or exploring new tactile experiences in tiles. The laser, in fact, is increasingly used to make non-slip tiles with variable friction coefficient simply by setting different working parameters via software.

Decoration of wall coverings

One of the major applications of laser engraving on marble is wall decoration with ornamental motifs or custom designs. The refinement of the laser processing adds a touch of class to the living spaces, both for the creation of individual decorative panels and in the coating of the walls in their entirety. In this way the interior designer can create innovative proposals, designed to best express the personality of each customer.



Customization of furniture and accessories

Marble is one of the most popular materials for the creation of prestigious furnishing elements. Here the furniture with marble inserts or tops engraved with CO2 laser embellish the furniture with unprecedented originality. Tables, bookcases, dressers other furniture can be customized with custom engravings, turning into unique pieces that reflect the style and personal taste. The design is also enriched with innovative furnishing accessories, worked with skill and craftsmanship.

Engraving on architectural elements

Marble architectural elements, such as columns, architraves and cornices, can also be laser marked and engraved. In addition to an infinite range of decorations, the laser engraving on marble adds depth to the spaces and creates an evocative atmosphere by sculpting the volumes and modulating the relationships between light and shadow.

OT-LAS technology for laser engraving on marble

OT-LAS laser machines for marble engraving are the result of 40 years of experience and innovation. Thanks to the ultra-high definition galvanometric scanning head, the OT-LAS laser systems allow to realize complex designs, writings and detailed textures with an extremely refined result and a perfect control of the workmanship. In addition, with OT-LAS machines you can always count on:

  • Maximum precision in processing, to make extremely precise incisions, ensuring high-profile results
  • Unique and potentially infinite effects to explore new creative possibilities and leave room for originality
  • Performance excellence for power and quality, to increase production efficiency by reducing consumption and operating costs
  • Possibility of engraving on three-dimensional surfaces, thanks to the extraordinary versatility of the laser and the galvanometric scanning head.

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