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Do you know that the laser machines are especially recommended to cut and mark leather, even the most precious one? Yes, they definitely are and Ot-Las has been specializing for some years now in the manufacturing of laser machines to be used in the fashion and footwear sectors for both continuous and static machining that considerably facilitates the treatment of textiles and hides.

Our CX-T, for instance, can treat textiles having an up-to-1600 mm height and working areas up to 1500 x 3000 mm in continuous or step processing. CX-T has been specifically devised to revolutionize the clothing industry as it is particularly suited to treat denim and textiles for clothing and furniture as well as whole bovine hides and skins that can be ennobled. And all of this without neglecting any complex customization and special effect.

And why is the laser the right choice for processing hides and skins?

First, in case of delicate materials as these are, any risk of damage is highly reduced since there is no direct contact with the laser. For a number of organizations in the furniture, fashion and automotive sectors, a laser machine is a real godsend. You can in fact carry out accurate cuts and reproduce, even through laser marking, complex patterns and graphics.

After any treatment, the edges are always precise and clean, thus saving time required for any subsequent finishing. One more advantage consists in the fact that the material does not have to be fixed during its processing. Let us think of precious leather used to realize elegant women’s shoes that may even cost 1,000€. How much care and attention will be required to treat such material? A lot, for sure and a laser machine will be soft and delicate in any treatment.

Please here find the entire range of machines for the leather and textile laser cutting and marking.

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