Art and laser technology: an instrument for shaping ideas

The use of laser processing in art and design has opened new expression possibilities to create artworks and unique pieces. Laser technology stands out for its accuracy, speed and extreme versatility: precious qualities for artists and craftsmen that want to give birth to innovative creations. Laser marking and engraving become the right tools to obtain unique decorative effects and create artifacts and prestigious installations. The never-ending expressive potentialities join the advantage of an environmentally sustainable technology, free of polluting products and without any waste of materials.

The combination of Art and Technology in the service of imagination

Even though we are used to thinking about technology in art as a characteristic of our modern times, the alchemy between the two words dates back to very ancient times. Technology, from the Greek techne, “be able to do”, and logia, “word”, has always been allied to artists and individual expression. It has simply evolved over the centuries, through constant innovation to which the experimentation of the artists themselves has often contributed. Famous are the members of modern art, first of all Andy Warhol, that made the “technical replicability” theorized by Walter Benjamin their own stylistic feature. 

Therefore, the union of art and laser is the new frontier of a thousand-year-old journey where a state-of-the-art technology interprets new requirements and values. A rediscovery of uniqueness and of the desire for customization combined with the need for immediateness and a new environmental awareness.

Laser marking and engraving in contemporary arts

As it often happens with new technologies, the laser potential found its first application in the industrial and manufacturing sector to be then extended to the artistic panorama. The attention of contemporary artists and designers has been drawn by a number of advantages of laser technology, first of all the uniqueness of the effects that can be obtained. In fact, laser offers the possibility to create unique objects, patterns and decorations, even highly complex ones, with absolute accuracy. At the same time, it allows making such creations infinitely repeatable, with no loss of quality. A precious instrument for artists that intend to create unique installations and artworks with an unprecedented and unrivalled immediacy, as well as for the craftsmen that wish to mass-market exclusive artefacts. The application of laser processing in art include:

Paintings and frames

The creation of paintings of any size through laser marking gave birth to thriving artistic production. Laser allows faithfully reproducing pictures, drawings, patterns and graphics, thus turning the artist’s imagination into reality. Apart from laser-created paintings, it is possible to obtain special frames, extremely customized. Versatility concerns processing as well as materials, which range from wood to plastic materials until fabric and natural stones.

Sculptures and installations

One of the most popular laser applications in contemporary art is the engraving of wood or marble to obtain sculptures with high-precision details and prestigious installations. Once again, the possibility to process heterogeneous material leads to original and innovative combinations. Moreover, the laser typical accuracy allows getting sharp edges without the need for additional finishing, thus avoiding any waste of materials. The no-contact processing significantly reduces also the risk of damaging the material processed, protecting the artwork in the making.

Furnishing accessories

Laser is the perfect partner of design objects and craftsmanship furnishing accessories. Thanks to its creative possibilities and processing speed, designers and craftsmen can create highly-customized collections at reduced costs and times, which could not even be imagined before that. This results in proposals that are increasingly tailor-made, based on the end customer’s needs, which can also be made as single pieces and limited collection with a higher economic value. 

Unique effects and decorations

CO2 laser marking is suitable for the creation of a potentially-endless range of graphic effects. Laser makes it possible to decorate panels, plates, fabrics and surfaces in different materials to obtain high-profile textures and creations. This type of processing is applicable to interior design as well as to architecture, craftsmanship, abstract or fine arts. An instrument to give value to individual style and performances with new expressive immediacy.

The advantages of Ot-Las for laser arts

Ot-Las designs and manufactures laser machines entirely Made in Italy with excellent engraving and marking performances. Proprietary technology and the highest customization level allow best meeting the specific needs of each customer. In particular, Ot-Las laser machines offer:

Maximum processing quality

Software and laser technology of Ot-Las systems are designed to guarantee the highest accuracy even in the most complex processing.

Wide range of workable materials

Our laser machines are suitable for engraving and marking on wood, marble, fabric, glass, ceramic, thermoformed, leather, paper, plastic and metal.

Versatility and customization

Ot-Las laser technology allows making exclusive processing, setting imagination and creativity free.

Tailor-made configuration

All Ot-Las models are in-house designed and manufactured; they can be customized with regard to size and configuration, based on the customer’s requests. 

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