Wall coating and interior design

Laser machines for wall coating and interior design, with a unique personality

Laser cutting and engraving are widely used in the interior design and wall coating sector. A multiplicity of unique effects that can be obtained by laser processing and the reduced processing time allow extraordinary creations at an unexpected speed. The OT-LAS laser machines are also particularly suitable for processing of large surfaces, with innovative solutions for any material. From textile coatings to wallpaper, up to wood, glass and marble.
Convenience and flexibility of processing add to the benefits of a low use of resources that decidedly reduces the impact on the environment.
Find out all of the laser system advantages so as to create original and lasting wall coating and interior design components.

Laser Machine CX XL

Thanks to the CX XL system, processing large-sized sheets is no longer a problem: the maximum useful marking area can range from 1600 x1600 mm to 1600×3600 mm with moving table.

Points of strength:

  • Working area up to 1600 mm
  • Laser power of 1200 Watt
  • Marking large sizes
  • Equipped with graphics and operational software with Corel Draw graphics engine
  • Each treatment is given geometric and processing parameters and possible repetitions or
    compositions of drawing can be set
  • High precision of the laser spot thanks to the HD scanning head
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Laser machine CX-T

The CX-T can treat textiles up to a maximum height of 1600 mm, on a continuous or step-progress basis.

It has been specifically designed to revolutionize the clothing industry sector.

The CX-T system is perfectly suitable to treat denim, textiles for clothing and furniture while ensuring unique personalizations.

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MX Laser Machine

The MX textile laser system is designed to transform any type of fabric from roll to roll on a continuous basis.

Main features:

  • roll height up to 1800 mm
  • possibility to perform any type of captivating drawing
  • high added value of the working
  • management of minimum quantity
  • minimum operating costs
  • no environmental impact
  • can be adapted to big-roll systems
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Macchina laser MX - Otlas

FX Laser Machine

Thanks to its characteristics and performance, Fx can be used in many decorative sectors. Moreover, it can be integrated with workpiece feeding systems; therefore, it is the ideal solution for continuous cycle high-precision machining.


  • high precision even on large work areas
  • wide cutting mark (1800 x 1800 mm) in one step
  • high power of the laser source (750 Watt) from a spot smaller than 0.9 mm
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Macchina laser FX - Otlas

Advantages of the laser machines for interior design

Due to the laser machines’ accuracy and versatility, cutting and decorating wallpaper is much more simple and effective. The possibility to realize really very complex patterns and drawings, with fine details and 3D effects, considerably widens the interior design horizons. Even engraving of furnishings and furniture in wood, glass, stone and plastics at very high levels of accuracy and speed represents an undeniable advantage. Any possible pattern, logo or decoration can come true in a very short time with flawless and permanent results over time. In addition, we have now been succeeding in processing large-sized marble surfaces in unimaginable time so far.
The laser machines can carry out customizations on all materials using a minimum quantity of power to start operations. That is why laser machines are an environment-friendly and cost-effective solution for your organization.

Here are some laser advantages for wall coating and interior design:

  • Very high speed processing
  • Unique and sophisticated customizations
  • Maximum accuracy and neat edges
  • No material waste
  • No finishing required
  • Lasting effects, unlike traditional printing
  • Minimum use of power
  • Time optimization

Why choose the OT-LAS systems for interior design?

The OT-LAS laser machines are directly developed in-house to guarantee the maximum accuracy and flexibility in processing. Furthermore, they offer the best power and speed performance even in case of large surfaces and complex materials such as marble. As a consequence, they are the ideal solution for the creation of wall coating and other interior design components. Due to the very high quality of laser cutting and engraving, the OT-LAS laser systems can perform unique decorations of furniture and furnishing complements. Specialized expertise in this sector along with in-house development of the machines allow us to support you even with bespoke configurations.

  • Here are some OT-LAS advantages for you:
  • Proprietary technology. Directly designing and developing our machines in-house we can guarantee the best technology and an entirely made-in-Italy exclusive quality.
  • Best performance. Our laser machines are equipped with the most powerful laser sources marketed and a high-definition optical system to guarantee performing excellence. In addition, we can offer the very first laser machines that can treat materials like marble with a 1200-watt power supply.
  • Bespoke configurations. Our expert and qualified technical team can carry out bespoke configurations and professionally support you for any need thanks to specialist expertise.
  • Processing of large surfaces. One of the significant advantages of the OT-LAS laser machines consists in the possibility to also process very large pieces, such as wall coating, with considerable saving of time and costs.

Materials suitable for laser machines for wall coating and interior design:

  • Wallpaper
  • Wall textiles
  • Textiles
  • Marble
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Leather

Choose one of Ot-Las laser systems for your company

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