Jeans laser treatment: eco-friendly and accurate

A number of different treatments are available through laser processing: cutting, decoration and finishing are carried out with a considerable reduction of chemicals and industrial waste. Which of you has got at least a pair of blue jeans in your own wardrobes? Almost all of you. It is in fact a sensible, versatile and resistant article of clothing which many generations, from the youngest to the oldest, wore and are still wearing. Blue jeans treatment involves applying different methods according to the finishing required and some of these also imply using laser systems.

Laser treatments on denim

The laser treatment offers a substantial contribution in the manufacturing process of denim clothing and it can be used in several phases, in particular in the fabric cutting and in its finishing when special details are needed. The laser can in fact substitute the traditional method of stonewashing and bleaching. The abrasion process, for instance, providing fabrics with the worn look, the so-called ‘vintage’ effect, was carried out in a craftmanslike style or making use of chemicals up to some years ago. Nowadays, the laser offers a valid alternative that turns out to be quick, accurate and above all eco-friendly .

How the laser has changed the fashion industry

Some of the largest blue jean manufacturers have been using the laser for years now, going for it instead of more polluting solutions. In fact, decorating jeans through laser allows considerably reducing the environmental impact. Due to laser systems, the highly polluting chemical solvents are no longer used to create the ’vintage’ effect.

Cuts, holes, fraying and ‘vintage’ effects: this is how a laser machine can treat a pair of jeans in a very short time and with extraordinary accuracy. A further advantage is certainly represented by the outstanding customizations that are now possible while once were not, due to the traditional systems.