Assemble and Build, the difference is sharp

Ot-Las produces high-tech laser machines since 1990. It has always developed the software and hardware components of laser machines within the company. This is what made possible to achieve progressive improvements and refinements on our laser systems.

Over time we have created increasingly complex machines, equipped with ever-increasing laser power.

Ot-Las follows the needs and the requests of its customers; this means implementing observations and improvements coming from the market directly on the laser machine.

Changing the size of the scan head mirrors and creating our HD70, Ot-Las obtained considerably small beam sizes that allow very precise cutting, engraving and marking efficiencies.

In collaboration with El.En, the Group of which Ot-Las belongs, increasingly efficient lasers are designed: radiofrequency CO2 lasers with the NEP system (Never Ending Power) have been introduced for 10 years.

These laser systems have a costant cutting power throughout the life of the source, as they do not need to be refilled with GAS.

The recharging takes place automatically every week and this guarnatees a costant and linear power for the whole life cycle of the laser machine.

The proprietary software, that Ot-Las develops internally, reflects the real needs which have emerged in the daily use experience of our customers.

In the same way, the hardware components follow the need to cover increasingly large and differentiated work areas. Our goal is to offer ever larger laser machines with different handling axes.

Watch the video below to enter in our laboratory and observe how we build, develop and test our CO2 radiofrequency laser sources.