Laser Marking and Art Style: the union of technology and art

The laser marking systems are nowadays the main instrument that really makes the difference in Art Style. Just a few people could imagine that the art of creating unique objects for decoration and design would have such ‘technological’ implications.

The evolution of the laser cutting and marking machines instead provides artists, designers and the professionals of the creativity with a new instrument to give life to objects with a great stylistic (besides financial) value.

That is the reason why laser marking and Art Style represent the ideal union of technology and art. Let us try to examine it in depth.

Creating refined furnishing elements is easier now

Art style is a way to communicate emotions and feelings using stylistic standards borrowed from the classical, modern and contemporary art. It is an artistic creative process that does not allow being strait-jacketed by rigid classical rules but it apparently is a field of abstract and innovative representation instead.

It may seem to be counter-intuitive but laser technology (that has ever stood out for being the successful result of physics and technology) succeeds in better adjusting to a fleeting and rebellious trend.

The importance of uniqueness in Art Style

Nowadays there is much demand for customized furnishing elements. We long for places to live in that are unique in the world. We choose a living-room, a kitchen, a space to live in because that represents our personality. And we want to show it to the others.

In fact, telling our guests who we are and what we want to say is a way to empathize with them. We want to create familiarity. Furniture and furnishing have always been this way but customization through the laser has led to an unparalleled level of individual expression in design and Art Style.

Applying laser marking to Art Style and interior design

Turning an old department store into a sophisticated open-plan space does not merely mean re-interpreting the living space to make it comfortable. Restore a working table so as to create a kitchen island is not that difficult today for any architect or interior designer. So, how to make that element of the kitchen really unique? How to enhance its history and to hand down its past to those living its space? That means giving voice to a wall, glass wall or a loft through furniture that is really up to the people living in that home.

For instance, if once furnishing a highly customized space meant involving more than a design professional – if not ordering an artist for tailor-made works – nowadays Art Style can be easily performed through the laser: just one machine, and an interior designer or designer can easily offer at the same time, those one-of-a-kind pieces that typically mark the luxury real estate market.

When Art Style meets the laser

Adding style to your walls due to contemporary art works created by means of laser marking systems is now a reality. Dealing with large-sized canvasses or textile-printing a unique idea or concept (thus being highly precious) thanks to the performance speed of the laser machine, mean performing furnishing art based on innovative times and processes.

Sometimes, it involves devising decor elements that play a distinct role in improving home livability and sustainability. Soundproofing panels carried out through the use of the Ot-Las laser machines are just one of the many examples.

Trimming complex shapes with the utmost accuracy is exactly what laser technology is for. Depending on the combination of lenses, galvanometric head and magnetic motion motor, the laser system allows virtually process any shape of any size, without burning or deburring.

The fast laser processing safeguards the value and prestige of the work

Offering unique creations while being able to perfectly reproduce them certainly is an advantage for Art Style creators and for those who, for professional reasons, are to meet refined tastes.

That is about forging interconnected languages form contemporary art so as to give new life to components never seen before. Creations with open-ended features that enhance performance while not criticizing the object.

The key feature of contemporary Art Style

Here is the key role laser marking can play while addressing Art Style: easy application and adjustability. The world of Art really is not unrelated to the increasingly faster communication and richer quantity of exchanges of ideas, financial resources, information and culture around the world.

Nor is it unrelated to that innovation brought about by the laser technology. There is now a number of successful cases – many of which resulting from the Made-in-Italy extraordinary intellectual or creative power – that certify the necessary use of laser cutting and marking exactly as in the past a painter grabbed his/her brush or a sculptor his/her chisel.

Many of the barriers and of the distinctions that marked the world of the art, architecture and style have finally dropped. This has given rise to a barrage of liveliness and multidisciplinary skills that is typical of the contemporary art now decidedly featuring interior design.

Art Style is a type of art that is increasingly experienced as a way to customize furnishing and furniture. This aspect undoubtedly refers to the impressive influence of the current system of art.

The post-Duchamp’s philosophy along with that of the ready-made, according to which any object can become art, perfectly suits to the countless applications of the laser system, a flexible machine with an endless number of performance skills.

From this point of view, the fruitful artistic research based on ongoing field testing, the use of new materials and the design of customized installations finds its ideal device in the laser marking system, that is entirely designed in Italy by Ot-Las.

Craftsmanlike shops, architecture and interior design studios will be increasingly crammed with agile, performing and customizable machines.

Which way does laser marking foster creativity in Art Style?

The language of art turns simple materials into something challenging and interactive. That is exactly the beauty of art: using a direct level of communication, that can be rapidly perceived by a human being, whether an adult, a child or an old man.

Nowadays, a number of artists, enthralled by very different and far styles such as Art Nouveau, Islamic architecture, Buddhist architecture, the Renaissance and the Baroque styles carry out splendid sculptures or compositions exploiting the laser cutting and marking technology. Headboards and beds designed as mere artworks. Abstract pictures as they were created by Lucio Fontana. Carved frames, furnishing panels and textile tapestry.

The wide array of the materials used by these artists is really mixed. It ranges from paper to wood and plexiglas laminates or glass according to the style required by the designer or the client.

Processes are unconventional and outside any box: reproducibility is coupled with -if any – hand working. Fine-tuning a balanced drawing while giving a personal touch is what makes a difference between any furniture object and an Art Style decoration.

The Ot-Las engineers are personally drawn to the various possibilities of expression that laser cutting and marking can provide the Art Style creations with. The combination of hand working and that based on the laser machine digital control allows creating extraordinarily accurate and aesthetically perfect artworks. Not to mention the lower manufacturing costs both for the materials used and the necessary energy sources.