Software solutions

Smart DRAW

Graphic and operating software with Corel Draw graphic engine, specific for the realization of files and for the entire system functioning. For each graphic printout it is possible to assign geometric parameters, working parameters, and set any drawing repetitions or compositions, provided that the system is equipped with automatic surface area.

Smart Multiaxes

This software is used to split the drawing on the three-dimensional surface. Starting from an IGS (3D) file, Smart Multiaxes can return a file that can be directly processed by the BX Multiaxes system.

Smart Track

The Smart track software is designed for the footwear needs. The excavation profiles and cutting of eyelets are projected onto insoles, conveniently positioned on reference systems (plates) that are good for any size and shape.

Software Smart Trim

Smart Trim

Software for flat surface edges recognition, this application allows optimizing the laser working based on the surface required. Smart Trim is coupled with the vision system.

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Engraving Manager

Machine management software that can open various formats such as PLT, BMP, etc. Engraving Manager allows setting speed and power parameters and creating working lists.

Smart LGP

Software dedicated to the realization of backlighting LGP panels (Light Guided Panels) in PMMA, increasingly used for visual boards, lighting technology and LED signage.

Smart LGP calculates the optimum pattern for light diffusion (dots or dashes) based on the characteristics of the panel to be created and the way it is lit.

Smart LGP allows rapidly obtaining a file directly workable by the machine, optimized for uniformity and light emitting efficiency.

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