Fx is the laser solution for high-precision large area material machining.

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The newest model CX is available in the market of leather, shoe components and other materials decoration as a natural development of the system from which it comes.

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Ot-Las has perfected Bx, a highly flexible machine suitable for all types of decoration and customization, even on small items

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S2X is the laser solution for machining with continuous handling of large plates.

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GTL is a laser cutting unit equipped with radiofrequency laser source model RF88.

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Tx is a custom solution suitable for many application. Adjustable to production lines, complete systems or to part of them, Tx is the heart of the engrave/cut principle.

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PLX - phonic laser solution

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CO2 laser cutting is now one of the most appreciated processes in many industrial sectors, thanks to the excellent results that can be obtained.


OT-LAS systems are specialized in applications on metal and plastic materials and in die and cut and 2D cutting operations.


Textile laser cutting requires high accuracy and care for details. Nothing has ever been so simple with ourlaser systems.

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A delicate and precious material like leather deserves special treatment, possible with our laser marking and cutting systems.

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Our laser systems are ideal to accurately cut insoles and related excavations. Thus, footwear really becomes a work of art.

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Our laser systems are ideal for cutting and marking Back Light (LGP) panels. Find out which is the most suitable machine.

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Special Application

Our laser systems are ideal for cutting and marking several types of materials and applications. Find out the most suitable one!

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