Tx Oem Solutions
Tx Oem Solutions

Laser and galvo head unit Tx

Tx is a custom solution suitable for many application. Adjustable to production lines, complete systems or to part of them, Tx is the heart of the engrave/cut principle. It consists of a laser source and a galvo scan head, eachone with their own control and service devices. The mechanical housing can be installed easly in lines or in systems. The configuration and the performance are determined by the production need of the application.

Technical features

Beam Power (Watt): 350 - 550 - 750 - 850
Single useful area (mm): Variabile
Overall dimensions (mm): 1810x980 H618
Weight (kg): 350-530
Supply (Volt): 380 3F + N
Electric power (kW): 10-16 KW