OT-Las at Symposium on Automotive Textiles in New Delhi INDIA

OT-Las participates in Symposium on Automotive Textiles in New Delhi INDIA.

22 January 2009, India

From 2,007-2,015 India will contribute to overall growth of 16% light vehicle Assembly. This boom was triggered primarily by factors such as rising incomes and living standards of middle-class Indian families and Indian Government's liberalisation measures disposable. Also as trip became a party an integral part of everyday life, issues such as comfort and safety have become a top priority. All these factors clearly indicate bright prospects for the automotive textile industry that will lead to increasing demand for technical textile components used in automobiles. Watching the ICE opportunities galore (the Italian Trade Commission), ACIMIT (Italian Association of textile machinery manufacturing) and BCH (Business Coordination House) along with a consortium of international companies organized the Symposium on automotive textiles, ' Italian technology for automotive-engineering innovative materials ' on January 22, 2009 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Ashoka Road, New Delhi.

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