El, En. Group and Cutlite Penta

El.En. is the heart and soul of the Group, where all the laser sources are developed for the applicative systems produced by the various companies forming part of the Group. It is within the parent company El.En. that the research projects are implemented in collaboration with Italian and European research institutes.

Cutlite Penta is an Italian company established in 1992 and since its foundation has taken advantage of the technological support of El.En and Valfivre heritage, historic Florentine company.

This synergy has led Cutlite Penta to be one of the major Italian companies dedicated to the design, construction and sale of COâ‚‚ laser systems. Cutlite Penta has always considered essential the quality of after-sales services offered to its customers and a consequence of this philosophy are the many service centers spread around the world: China, United States, Brazil are among the countries that host both production locations and commercial, technical service. Consequently, the reliability and competence demonstrated by now have allowed Cutlite Penta to reach a position of absolute importance in the rest of the world scene for the areas of its competence. The determination to turn ideas into action, the constant attention to the real needs of the various markets, together with the multiplicity of existing skills within the Group El.En are some of the headlines that have guided Cutlite Penta over the years and will continue to lead in the future. Quality, technology, flexibility and attention mix together in each Cutlite Penta product, which, consequently, appears to be a clear example of "Italian Excellence".

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