OT-las participates in Tecnoargilla

OT-las participates in Tecnoargilla in 2008.

+ 1.8% turnout in the 5-day event. Rising above all foreign operators (+2.5%) that reach the 11000 units.

Tecnargilla is the largest worldwide event dedicated to the technologies and supplies for the ceramic and brick industries, organized by Rimini Fiera S.p.A., in collaboration with ACIMAC (Associazione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Ceramic equipment).

The number of visitors reached 30241 presences. Increasing the number of Italian visitors-that of foreign operators, of 10964 presences (+2.5%).
Of particular importance, the considerable increase in the number of countries of origin of foreign visitors, confirming the important attractiveness of an event that grows stronger with each appointment as a reference showcase for the entire world ceramics industry.

Among the Nations most include, in order: Spain, Turkey, Iran, China, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Thailand, Poland, Egypt, India, France, Argentina and Mexico.

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