3D laser solution is designed for the decoration of full non-flat surfaces including complex parts where clamping changes the part itself.

• All material types, except for PVC

• Any workable surface, if complying with the system rotating basis

• Uniform engraving depth throughout the decorated surface.

• Changeability of the patterns to be adjusted to the surface

• Possible decorations starting from the original 3D file

• Process software for 3D graphics

3D Laser solution is the application that allows adjusting 2D drawings to complex 3D surfaces, upon changing of the system configuration. The working time varies based on the pattern to be carried out, on the engraving depth and on the decoration graphics. Compared to traditional workings, the application is definitely faster, and allows increasing the decoration possibilities to patterns that were unthinkable so far.


• Clogs, soles and heels

• Objects that can be placed on the rotating device by gravity

• Position of the parts easy to set up

• Suitable for production of customized lots

Software for modelling and sharing the drawing over the 3D original surface and for the 3D laser solution management


The BX multi-axes solution can be configured starting from BX solution, to decorate 3D surfaces starting from the original shape and through management of the drawing according to drawing parts sequences and handling of the axes one in relation to the other, so as to make up the final decoration required.


• Designed for system configuration change, suitable for multi-purpose decoration

• No need for traditional clamping.

• Integrity of the parts before and after the laser treatment

• Handiness of loading/unloading parts on the system

• Safety devices in compliance with the regulations in force

• Many configuration possibilities based on the laser source power and optical head resolution.

Technical features

Beam Power (Watt):
Single useful area (mm):
Overall dimensions (mm):
Weight (kg):
Supply (Volt):
Electric power (kW):