Flexibility means operability

Ot-Las has perfected Bx, a highly flexible machine suitable for all types of decoration and customization, even on small items.

A leader among the machines of its generation, Bx offers a range of advantages to immediately meet the most evolved and modern types of creative and production requirement.

With its high performance and technical characteristics, Bx is an extremely powerful instrument that offers winning solutions.

Fully designed and manufactured within the Group, the system combines efficiency and reliability while guaranteeing fast, reliable assistance.

The minimum marking line in proportion to the area varies from 0.2 to 0.6 mm

Technical features

Beam Power (Watt): 350 - 550 - 750 - 850
Single useful area (mm): from 500x500 to 700x700
Overall dimensions (mm): 3021x1854x3131
Weight (kg): 2800
Supply (Volt): 230 ±10% - 380 TF+N
Electric power (kW): 10 -12 -14 - 17