Ax the laser solution more flexible

AX plus is the only solution that combines high power of the laser source to high resolution of the optical scan head. AX plus has been designed for high precision treatments in small working areas.
Due to its technical data and high performances, AX plus combines efficiency and relaibility

Technical features

Beam Power (Watt): 80 - 180 - 350 - 550 - 750 - 850
Single useful area (mm): 250x250/600x600/700x700 (H35) ; 250x250/500x500/700x700 (H70) ; from 250x250 to 600x600 (H35) Plus ; from 250x250 to 500x500 (H70) Plus
Overall dimensions (mm): 900x1740x2520
Weight (kg): 1055-970
Supply (Volt): 380 3F+N
Electric power (kW): from 3,5 to 14