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Laser Machine PLX

The revolution in the world of noise reduction

PLX, laser cutting system for sound-absorbing panels

The system has a rigid structure where you can add one or more combination of scanning heads and laser sources, to increase productivity.

Advantages of the laser system PLX

The PLX is the revolutionary solution for this sector designed and built entirely by Ot-las will revolutionize the world of noise reduction.

Noise-absorbing panels have a very important task, which is reducing and absorbing noises. The micro-drilled panels are made of plastic or wood, and they have thousands of small hoses on their surface, the diameter and depth of which affect the sound-absorption capability.

Laser micro drilling of panels allows obtaining imperceptible holes that do not change the panel visual aspect.

Materials that PLX can process

  • Wood
  • Laminates
  • Wood veneer

Technical features

Beam Power (Watt) 750 – 850 – 899 – 1200
Electric power (kW)
380 3F+N
Weight (kg) from 2000 to 2900
Supply (Volt) 14 – 17 – 22

Accessori per PLX

Ecco di seguito le soluzioni software e hardware compatibili con le macchine laser PLX.

software solutions for PLX

Engraving Manager

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hardware solutions for PLX

Scanning head 35 mm

Galvanometric scanning head, internally developed by Ot-las with 35mm optical aperture.

Scanning head 70 mm

High-definition galvanometric scanning system internally developed by Ot-las with 70mm optical aperture.

Some examples of processing with PLX

The main fields of application



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