Hardware solutions

Manual plan

Manual handling table for both BX and BX for insoles.

Scanning head 70 mm

High-definition galvanometric scanning system internally developed by Ot-las with 70mm optical aperture.

Conveyor BX and CX

Continuous working system, suitable for various kinds of machining.

Moving table

Automatic table with high-precision of movement and absolute encoder, it allows continuous working or step-working.

Insole table double position

Insole table with tilting system. The table movement can be either automatic or manual.

Scanning head 35 mm

Galvanometric scanning head, internally developed by Ot-las with 35mm optical aperture.

CX Rolls System

Roll-to-roll working system for CX.

3D system for BX

Accessory for working complex objects, only for BX Multiaxes.

Vision system for BX and CX

The vision system allows recognizing the shapes of the objects positioned on the working table, in combination with the Smart Trim software.

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