Any textile can be decorated by the CO2 laser. As for synthetic or mixed textile, the laser welds the cut profile thus making it free from fraying whereas in case of natural textile, even if the cut is really clean, the profile is not welded and is accordingly subject to fraying.

As regards marking, there are no limitations for any kind of textile.

For standard roll-to-roll systems, the max width that can be worked is 1800 mm.

There are also solutions with higher width such as 2400 mm, 2800 mm or above.

For the standard system the max roll diameter is lower than 50 cm and accordingly, there are no significant limitations concerning the weight.

If the machine is equipped with the big rolls system, the max diameter is 120 cm, whereas the max weight is 200 Kg.

Furniture, Wall Coatings, Automotive, Clothing, Technical Textile.