Laser Applications

There is a laser solution for every production demand. Modern production sectors demand specific skills and speed of performance.

Our commitment is to use our laser technology to provide concrete solutions.

Lasers can be used in a wide range of applications: from surface marking to cutting, thousands of solutions can be devised to change the essence or functions of a product.

We offer the greatest freedom in choosing the right system configuration to suit your production requirements, since every single element of our technology is designed and manufactured on site.

The essential features of our offer include typical dimensions ranging from 500x500 mm to 2400x2400 mm, with laser powers of up to 1000 Watts, and a versatile range of emission modes. Added to which, we also avail of specialised control systems to boost productivity and entrepreneurial creativity and furnish a unique solution.

The simple and intuitive marking management software allows you to:

  • 1. View the design and set the geometry (dimensions, position, etc.)
  • 2. Set the speed, power, type of line, and multiple and sequential processing, depending on the type of work
  • 3. Move the axes (to regulate the thickness to be marked and to work on surfaces larger than the individual area selected).